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Vie De Chien Plate by Laetitia Rouget

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  • These handpainted plates by Laetitia Rouget are made using recycled glazed porcelain
  • These plates can be use in the dish-washer up to 500 times.
  • Dimensions 14 x 14 cm
  • 21£ for 1, 53£ for 3

Cassiopeia is a London-based design project that brings together artists from a variety of creative and cultural backgrounds to produce works in art, fashion, music and film. Our mission is to support emerging international talents and bring them to the audience that values rarity and creative experiment. We invite artists to produce artworks inspired by a theme chosen by Cassiopeia and print them on silk and cashmere. All artworks are produced as limited editions of maximum ten. We share a passion for art, design and co-creation.

Current artists 
Karina Eibatova
Jesse Draxler 
Iris Legendre 
Alexey Layfurov
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Laetitia Rouget 
Pavel Samokhvalov
Aza Shadenova
Irina Kikina